Quay House

27 Nov 2009

Photos from Quay2c Architects

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to be shown around Quay House in Peckham, London that is home to architect Ken Taylor and sculptor Julia Manheim, a design studio for their company Quay2c Architects, and also three flats. It was a milk depot up until the early 1970s and the gabion cages filled with empty milk bottles are a quirky reference to the building's history. As they stripped back the original building they reconfigured as many of the materials in the new design as possible, such as the original corrugated roofing that's now in the main living area. The principle design idea was to keep the simple "industrial barn" qualities to reveal the past uses, transformations and wear that the building has undergone. I really like the notion that Ken used of an architect being an "architective", looking for clues within a building. It's a stunning building and I was really inspired.

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