Amble along Brick Lane

30 Dec 2009

Here are a few of the things that caught my eye when I was exploring Brick Lane and the surrounding streets yesterday. I was mainly on the lookout for derelict buildings.

These next photos are of the Brick Lane Cultural Trail including a minaret iconic structure adjacent to the mosque. I love the lattice texture of the metal. The trail is due to be completed in February 2010, so it's boarded up.


anne said...

you got some great shots! i love the one of the social club.
i hope your day is going well :D

Stephanie Sabbe said...

the pattern on the tower/column thing is awesome!

and the sketches on the wall, so cool. You do not see that kind of stuff in Boston

Kate said...

Old and forgotten buildings, crumbling in the city are so beautiful. I wish that I saw such lovely graffiti more often!

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