EAMES: Powers of Ten (Post 3/3)

16 Dec 2009

This is the final article in this Eames mini-series, and I feel that this one in particular demonstrates the sheer diversity of Ray and Charles' talents. Powers of Ten (1977) visually expands and then contracts the universe as we know it. The film will take you on a thrilling and unnerving journey. Enjoy.

Isn't it astonishing that they they achieved this over 30 years ago? I read that this film is used as a teaching resource in schools. I wish I'd seen this as a child - it would have made me really excited about science!

Have you enjoyed this mini-series? I'd love to receive feedback from you!


Kelley Anne said...

That was really cool. I love when they went back toards the earth, hurtling towards the picnic blanket. The best part though was that I played it with my itunes music still playing in the background and my husband asked if I was listening to the Fiery Furnaces with the two mixed:)

Stephanie Sabbe said...

love them. I saw this video a couple of months ago.

Anonymous said...

i'm in awe. thanks for sharing this. i'm going to add it to my youtube faves right now.

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