Formable Furniture

21 Dec 2009

[Photos: Yanko Design]

I love the concept of Formable Furniture designed by Reed Crawford. The interlocking pieces are connected by a wire, and when you tug on the cable you can manipulate the tension to create new forms. It's like a game for adults: imagine being able to create a new piece of furniture whenever you get bored of the shape!

This would be great for people who move home often as you could create a new piece of furniture that fits into your new place perfectly. It makes financial sense: if you find you need an extra chair for a guest, just transform your table into a chair without having to go and buy one! But if it came in white, grey and some bright colours I would love it even more.


Kelley Anne said...

Oh my, that's so utilitarian. Its a great idea, definitely formidable. I wonder if they're comfortable though:)

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I like. Have you ever entered a Designboom Competition? It reminds me of something on Designboom.

anne said...

so cool! they look like the parts on a tank.

katrina said...

modularity -- great idea, great design.

Modern-Bedroom-Furniture said...

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