Fragment collages

13 Dec 2009

I made these collages today using some old envelopes and leaflets. When I took the lines of text out of context they became quite funny and I had some fun playing around. I used to make collages out of pretty handmade paper, but recently I've been keen on only using bits of paper that come through the post which are not always beautiful. The collages are a fragmented glimpse into my life (or mail!).

On reflection, I definitely think that when picking out the lines of text, I was influenced by the context of my day (i.e. spending about an hour queuing at the post office!). This might be a fun and interesting way of scrapbooking/journaling.. picking out lines of printed text, rather than actually writing myself.


anne said...

these are great! i just bought a few moleskine journals. i'm going to put all sorts of drawings, quotes and journally type stuff in them.
i too frequent the post office, those lines are a killer, especially during the holidays :)

painted fish studio said...

they are fabulous!

erin said...

lovely. i'm a collage maker myself. love the clean lines of these.

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