A house that rotates?!

7 Dec 2009

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This incredible idea was born after the owner said, "Wouldn't it be handy to have a house that could move?"

Based on the weight of the average house, they discovered that the mechanism need only consist of two small electrical engines no larger than that of a washing machine. They designed this octagonal shaped building with a 360˚ veranda that sits on a platform and follows the sun all day long. The mechanism is simply controlled by a touchpad in their living room.

Isn't it wonderful that technology has enabled this fantasy idea to be realised? If a client says they want you to build them a house that receives maximum sunlight, you just wouldn't expect this to be a plausible solution. You might imagine floor to ceiling windows or for the house to be orientated in a particular direction - but not a house on a rotating turntable!

This has taught me that no idea is too outrageous to dismiss. That initial crazy thought might be the key to the whole project!

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Christina said...

Oh my goodness this is blowing my mind.
My next house is going to rotate. Ha.

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