Space of the week #1

17 Dec 2009

Designer: Luca Andrisani. Images via: Apartment Therapy & Luca Andrisani

I first saw these photos in Apartment Therapy's Small Cool 2008 contest. I added the page to my favourites and I pop back from time to time as it's a look that I just adore and find very inspiring. To me, the design is just perfect: the clean lines of the timber contrasted against a crisp white backdrop. It's striking yet unfussy.

I've decided to start a Space of the week feature so I can keep track of my tastes and see how they develop over time. I've chosen the notion of Space as opposed to Room of the week as I feel this title covers everything from interiors to buildings. I often find it tricky to articulate the reason why I like something. I instinctively know what I like, but I'd like to get better at expressing the reasons behind my choice.

Do you think it's always possible to pinpoint exactly why you like something, or do you sometimes just get a gut feeling?


Katja said...

To me it's often just a gut feeling which then makes it sometimes difficult if I want to achieve similar look in my own home, I have trouble translating that feeling into my own space :)

Little Monarch said...

for me it is always a gut feeling. I hate having to explain why i like things and more often than not its because it is aesthetically pleasing to my eye or evokes a very strong emotion (joy or anger). lovely space you've chosen here btw

Kelley Anne said...

This apartment looks so airy and wonderful...full of light. I don't know. I think there are usually reasons why we do things...we call them gut feelings when really, if we take the time to trace our preferences, look at them, and think about why we like certain things over others, the reasons becoming more obvious.

Grace said...

I don't think its any one thing that can be pinpointed. Its just an overall gutfeeling. And in this case, my gut says this space works. I want to live there.

Love Grace.

Anonymous said...

I agree, gut feeling. This for me goes with art, architecture, design, etc.

ps - I can totally relate to what you said about constantly tweaking your blog, it's addictive, and time consuming! Content counts of course, but to go with this post, there is something to be said for that "gut feeling" a reader gets when they see an aesthetically pleasing blog

pps ~ love the 3 column look ;)

ppps ~ {Thanks for your visits and comments to my blog!}

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I think I have my personal style formula down to warm wood + glass + mid-century furniture + something soft and gray = I'm a happy camper

emma wallace said...

I'm totally a gut feeling person. Which is why it's almost impossible for me to describe my ideal space: "Lots of flowy fabric, Mucha-esque, soft colors (not pastels), almost like being under water or in the forest or something." You can see why a decorator would have an issue!

Your space is so wonderful! I love how refreshing and organic it looks.

Anonymous said...

what a beauty! this space is clean and chic yet i can see myself sitting in this room feeling toasty and ever so cozy. i look forward to more of this series in the weeks to come!

you ask a very interesting question here. i've pondered over similar thoughts and have come to the (loose) conclusion that i like certain things primarily due to the colors present. however, there are times when i like something "just because", without really knowing why i find it attractive.

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