Light and dark

9 Mar 2010

[Image credits: Marie Claire Maison]

I could happily move into this compact apartment. The long windows really help make the living room feel more spacious, and this effect is accentuated by the mirror at the end of the room -- it feels like the space contines. I really like the dark sofa because it acts as a neutral backdrop for all the other pieces. In a white room, it's great to introduce darker pieces to add depth. I must remember to do this in my own home!


one sydney road said...

Maybe it's because I'm working on revamping my office space...but I'm totally focused on the office space in this apartment! I love that chair :)!!

City Girl Chicago said...

I was just going to say, I love the red Eames chair here! and then I read the comment above and decided STILL to share the same thought ~ it's just lovely! :)

Kelley Anne said...

One of my aunts studied interior design and I remember going to her first home after she married and being really delighted by some of the things she incorporated. The house was relatively small and in the living room, one wall was covered in a huge mirror. It made the space look so much bigger. I love how in this apartment you've shown, the hanging lamps really add to the feeling of added space that the mirror gives the room.

emma wallace said...

How amazing! I love reading your summaries because I would have seen that the room looked wonderful but not known why.

St├ęphanie said...

Fabulous !

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