Time for new pans

26 Mar 2010

[Image: Flickr]

Last night I stocked up the freezer with leek and potato soup made from my granny's home grown leeks. The fresh, crisp leeks tasted delicious raw. I felt sad cooking them but I knew I'd get better use out of them in soup. When I use store-bought leeks, the soup ends up a pale creamy colour with a slight green hue, but yesterday the soup was a vibrant pea green! I was quite worried my husband wouldn't eat it as it looked so unusual. It just goes to show that home grown vegetables have concentrated goodness in them.

One day, if/when I have a bigger kitchen, I'd love a whole collection of nice pots and pans. I think it would make cooking much more fun.


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

oh these are gorgeous, happy pots!

Anonymous said...

Dear me, imagine if you owned all those beautiful milk glass bowls...!

jen said...

i love my vintage pyrex; it does make cooking more fun!

yum, the leek soup sounds good - i love soup!

i can't wait until i have my own vegetable and herb garden; homegrown stuff really does taste better and you don't lose the nutrients since you can take it from garden to table with a short period of time!

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