Bekväm Clothing

29 Apr 2010


This evening I discovered Bekväm Clothing which is designed and handmade by Hannah Elsie. I'm in awe of her talent (she is self-taught!) and I've fallen in love with the scalloped edges and the soft, feminine shapes. Read an interview with Hannah over on Clever Nettle.

*Images from Bekväm Clothing. Found via Clever Nettle.


Rebecca said...

Gorgeous! I love those scalloped edges.

Thanks for your input on the blogging issue! I think sometimes it's too easy to start comparing oneself with other bloggers, and when seeing so many gorgeous blogs, to feel a bit down. I just need to remember to stick with what I like! Sometimes I overthink the issue. :)

one sydney road said...

How sweet and pretty are these? I love the scallop detail - and self taught?? wow!

Anonymous said...

i love those scalloped edges!! so pretty & feminine!

Christina said...

I like the scallop detail at the bottom of the dress. (:

anne said...

wow! looks gorgeous :D the sewing machine and i aren't exactly best friends...maybe one day we can see eye to eye.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Those are lovely pieces and photos too!

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