29 Jun 2010


I collected a batch of photos today and this is one from our trip to Brighton last weekend. I would love to live in one of those little houses one day - each with its own personality. The red house has a bricked up window above the door! I wonder why..

On a side note, I love how film makes me appreciate photos more. To see the end result you need to wait until the whole roll is used up, take it to the shop, then wait a couple more days.. It's so exciting opening the envelope and re-living the experiences in the photos! Not every photo comes out well, which makes me appreciate the good ones even more. I'd forgotten that feeling. I also love having a printed picture that I can prop up on a bookshelf or put in an album. Over the years I've been guilty of storing far too many photos on the PC and printing very few.


painted fish studio said...

your post is a great reminder that i should put some film in my camera - i haven't developed a roll for 4 years...

Rhianne said...

wow, great photo, I keep reading about Brighton and I really want to go now :)

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