Through the window

23 Jun 2010

Battersea Powerstation 1
Battersea Powerstation 2
Battersea Powerstation 3
Battersea Powerstation 4

I took these photos with my Agfa Optima over the past few weeks. I've had a fascination with Battersea Powerstation for a long time: ever since I can remember, I've passed it on the train going into London. I've never seen it up close, only through the train window. I often take photos out of train windows with my mobile, but the quality is poor, and I thought the Agfa would capture the Battersea Powerstation's beauty better.

I love how the chimneys are a pristine white against the blue and grey skies, but a murky cream against the white sky. It's a bit of a game taking these photos, as sometimes another train passes by which blocks my view, so I have to take the shot at just the right moment. And if I leave it too late, the train line curves round and it's no longer in view. People give me funny looks, but it makes my train journeys more enjoyable.

On my last roll of film, the last photo was my favourite. It's really moody and I like the tones of the red brick, green bushes and grey sky. Sadly a lot of the other photos on the roll came out poorly. There's a bit of a framing issue, and I think I'm the problem. It turns out that I haven't been looking through the view finder at the right angle, so when I think I have something centred, it is in fact a quarter of the way to the right. I'm so relieved there's nothing wrong with the camera!


Christina said...

Woah, your photography is amazing. I really love this collection.

Unknown said...

These are great! I love that vintage feel.

Hannah said...

I can see why it intrigued you. It's a majestic building.
And these photos are fantastic.

muchlove said...

Fantastic photos! Taking photos on a train can be really tricky, but you did a great job. At first I thought you took the photos from a building window because it looks so "still".

MANDY said...

I can see what you mean, it really is a great building. Love your previous post of the Vintage Sale building.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, when i use to catch the train to london I was amazed by it's sheer size, it must been weird living near it and walking the dog around the area. I would also anticipate the houses of parliament coming into view.

painted fish studio said...

i love these photos! the building is fascinating. keep taking them!

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