22 Jul 2010

22 july 2010

The second pair of Terra Plana shoes that I bought... shh, don't tell.

22 july 2010

Spinning. My head feels so light after a haircut.

22 july 2010

Progress on my project, but still a long way to go... Making the final model this weekend.

22 july 2010

Evening glow that lasts only a few minutes.

22 july 2010

My grandmother's giant daisies.

* * *

I'm taking a big of a blog-break over the next week weeks, as I'm in the thick of it at uni. Six more weeks to go *sigh*. There's so much more work to do; it's scary. But sometimes a bit of pressure focuses the mind.

Throughout August, I'll be taking part in Susannah Conway's August Break. I'll be sharing daily photos that I take, without the pressure of words. It'll be a refreshing break from my work and won't be too distracting. Hopefully life will get back to some kind of normality in September, and I can pick up some of my sewing projects...

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