Taste Test Results...

22 Dec 2010


I tried out the new Etsy Taste Test feature and it showed up some really lovely things. But I wish I could access the list of items I selected in the first place! These are my top picks out of the list it generated for me...

1 Nature Design
2 Peeko Apparel
3 Taylor Ceramics
4 Lunasa Designs
5 The House of Hemp
6 Studio KMO
7 Elephantine
8 Clamlab


Galit said...

I smiled when I read your post because it was exactly what I thought when I tried it! The items I loved the most were from the list of suggestions but I couldn't find them afterward! I reckon its an important feedback we should give Etsy.

I'm loving all of your favorites, especially the Wooded Cube Necklace. So cute!

Have a lovely Xmas! xx

Stephanie Sabbe said...

oh, have not heard of this feature. cute items!

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