Double strand of beads

3 Jan 2011



I restrung a broken necklace (above right) and used some beads from my stash to make a double strand necklace. I tend to wear larger beads, but discovered that two strands of smaller beads create the same kind of impact that I like.

I'm wearing my new H&M striped chambray dress that I bought in the sales, and I just can't take it off! It's as comfortable as pyjamas but has such a pretty shape.


Veronica said...

the necklaces look so pretty. especially the double stranded one. :D

Stephanie Sabbe said...

lovely! what are you up to now that you are finished with school?

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I lost your email address. Can you email me? My husband and I want to pick your brain on apartment swapping in London:)

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