Dream Spring Wardrobe

20 Mar 2012


1. Komodo Lola Dress (Hemp & Organic Cotton, Fair Trade)
2. Komodo Bali Hai Canvas Pumps (Fair Trade)
3. Seasalt Cornwall Sketch Tee (Organic Cotton)
4. Bibico Roses & Dots Wrap Dress (Fair Trade)

Some of my favourite "ethical" pieces this Spring. Over the last year or so, I've tried to stay away from the main High Street chains and buy from more ethically conscious places. This means I can't buy as much since prices are higher, but this forces me to consider each item of clothing I buy. There are such pretty things available this Spring, that I'm not even tempted by any of those other places anymore.


Moonofsilver said...

those are all lovely!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

love some stripes. I want some Bensimon sneakers this year! they look so comfy.

Rebecca said...

Love them all! That's great that you've been choosing more ethical products! I would love to try to do that more often.

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