Essimar's "Pink Mess"

31 Dec 2009

[Images: Essimar]

Recently I've been totally in love with all things Essimar, and I'm especially inspired by her pink paper experiments. I think these images are so poetic and such fun!


Kelley Anne said...

That bright color is the perfect foil for this gray and dreary time of year. My favorites are the second and third ones.

Kate said...

I love the idea of incorporating colored objects into a rural background. Might have to do that for a photo project.

Christina Love said...

love the blog!

emma wallace said...

Love the third and seventh ones! What a marvelously creative idea!

katrina said...

i love her work, too. she's a total genius.

happy new year to you, rebecca!

E M I L Y said...

the pink paper in the tree branches are my favourties.

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