The Old Truman Brewery

29 Dec 2009

Today I walked around The Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane (through torrential rain!) looking for a site for my university project. My tutor told me that there are lots of disused and run down buildings around the site and when I had a look around I wasn't disappointed at all.

The brewery closed in 1988 and many of the buildings date back to the 18th century. The 11 acre site has become a creative hub housing many small businesses and art & design studios. Some of the site has been redeveloped into bars and restaurants, but a large part of the brewery is still fairly derelict. It is likely to undergo changes in the next few years, as part of the Tower Hamlets Council City Fringe Area Action Plan.

I was particularly attracted to one long row of small run down buildings overlooking Brick Lane Yard.

[click for larger view of collage]

From what I can see these buildings are being used as store rooms, a woodwork/wood salvage space and possibly as an electricity meter point (there's a scary number of wires entering a small window!). The total length measures approx 50 metres and the depth is approx 8 metres. I really like the arches at either end. I need to find out more information about the row of buildings. I asked at the brewery main reception, but I was told that they don't give out information to students! I'll try contacting Tower Hamlets council and visiting the library.


Stephanie Sabbe said...

So funny! My husband and I went to the Sam Adams Brewery today. I am not much of a beer drinker. I told him I would have much preferred to go to the Newcastle Brewery, which is the only beer I have ever liked drinking and he informed me I would have to go to England for that one:)

This one looks very cool

anne said...

so cool! i love old buildings, they have so much character. these shots you got are great.
too bad the brewery is closed :( beer is my favorite bevrage, well besides water and it woulda been fun to have a pint in that old place.

Anonymous said...

i love old brick buildings. whenever i see building like these in sf, i can't help but fantasize about renting a space for some future enterprise of mine. sigh.

thanks for sharing these, rebekka. i love all the arches and huge windows. beautiful buildings, indeed.

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