Space of the week #3 Puzzle Loft

29 Dec 2009

[All images: Dwell]

This New York loft apartment is truly a puzzle, both in the way architect Kyu Sung Woo solved the spatial problem of stacking two 7 foot tall rooms with only 12 feet of vertical space, and his clever solution where two volumes are interlocked, each with a half height element. The bedroom borrows height from the cupboard below and the kitchen borrows height from the space where the bed is.

The incredible attention to detail has actually made this into a beautiful little apartment: look at how the bedroom area has been lined with wood. Given the right circumstances I think this would make the perfect home for someone. I am completely obsessed with interlocking forms.. I just find this kind of design so appealing and I'd love to design something like this one day :)


Anonymous said...

wow, so clever ~ and it looks like there is good living space because of the great design!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I saw this in Dwell! So cool. I'm not sure my husband would crawl up into a loft with me. We have our bed on blocks for more storage and we joke about being in college. Hope you had a great holiday! love your pics too

Lauren said...

this home looks so modern and fresh - and i love the loft bed! a great way to save space. :)

anne said...

how fun! i especially love the bed.

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