Door obsession

7 Jan 2010

1. Reconstruction of Doors, 1997, Jane and Louise Wilson

2. Double Doors, 1997, Jane and Louise Wilson

3. Marcel Duchamp's door, 1927

4, 5, 6. Powerless Structures, 2001, Elmgreen & Dragset

Some of these doors make me feel claustraphobic and others are quite intriguing -- especially Marcel Duchamp's door. I like the fact that these images provoke a reaction in me. Although these pieces are installation art, I feel they could be inspiration for a design project too. I actually think they fit in with my project about enticement as doors naturally welcome/invite you into a space. But of course, in the case of Powerless Structures by Elmgreen & Dragset they are the total opposite of what a door should be -- totally useless! I think instinctively we want to open a door as we're intrigued to see what's on the other side, and these doors fight against that curiosity. I also feel that the white doors look very clinical, which conjures up mental images of hospitals making them even less inviting.

How do these doors make you feel?


anne said...

love the old one! they are always so nice and heavy and detailed.

thanks so much for the tutorial. you're the best!i just assumed it was difficult, but it wasn't :)
was it a big ordeal to change your blog to 3 columns? it took me forever to finally get it right. don't worry you don't have to answer another question by me, i just remember i got really excited when i figured it out. it was the first time i ever messed with the html code. actually, i didn't evn know what html code was :O ok, i'm done with this book of a comment. talk to you soon :D

anne said...

sorry. me again. to answer your question about my pictures, i use photoshop. i have a seventies action i use. as i'm sure you noticed, i'm quite addicted to it :D

Kelley Anne said...

I see what you mean, they do provoke responses in me. The last one especially, it feels like something from a bad dream, as if I'm trapped...or powerless:) Its interesting, when you start thinking of doors as thresholds, or liminal spaces between two separate environments. And when you stop assuming that you can go through them whenever you want.

emma wallace said...

It's strange - I thought the white ones were scary too - like from a nightmare. Eek. But doors can also be so warm and inviting... Love the thought-provoking post!

Anonymous said...

nice, especially #4-6. gotta love those art installations.

what coincidence -- i've been photographing doors all over the city and am preparing a post about doors, too. :D

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