Random 7

22 Jan 2010

I was tagged by Katrina from Pugly Pixel and Piper from One Sydney Road to list my Random 7, and here they are:

1. I was tempted by lots of pretty handmade paper last weekend.

2. I love visiting Shell Bay in Dorset. When you're there, it feels like you could be anywhere in the world.

3. I have adored Boyzone since I was young girl. Tragically Stephen passed away very suddenly last year. I saw them perform at Wembley only a few months before, so my photos from this concert are very precious to me.

4. I'm obsessed with beads.

5. When she's not trying to open cupboard doors, attacking my orchids or meowing, Honey likes to throw some dance moves to get my attention :)

6. I have a love/hate relationship with shoes. There are so many pretty ones out there, but I can't wear them because A: I don't wear leather, and B: I'm only safe wearing flats. (Twice I've slipped over and landed on my chin resulting in a damaged nerve in a tooth and a split chin!)

7. I like to keep my home free of clutter. But my real secret is that I have 3 of these cupboards (Ikea Billy bookcases with customised glass doors) so I can stash things away that I want to keep it out of sight. Shhhhh don't tell anyone I'm secretly messy...


anne said...

hey thanks!
loved the pictures. especially the kitty shots. what a cutie! very nice that you can keep your home clutter free...i'm working on that :O

Kelley Anne said...

I love doing these....and reading other people's. Your cat really rocks out:) I used to try to seem clean too, but Dan is a fellow collector, so between the two of us, we can't avoid clutter.

Stephanie Sabbe said...

scary about this high heels! My cat dances too. And where did you get your doors for your Billy Book cases, I need those. I have one in my dining room/office and I would love it if it were a bit more clutter free.

Sally said...

These are great! I like your cat's moves - she's got style!

St├ęphanie said...

I adore this post !

Rebecca said...

I'm right there with you about shoes! There are so many lovely shoes out there, but I generally find a comfortable pair of flats and stick with them until they wear out -- I have plenty of other shoes, but they're either scary to walk in or uncomfortable! [And ouch - sorry you had a couple of falls!]

emma wallace said...

Hooray! Thank you so much!

I adore pretty paper too and that looks like treasure from 1001 Nights with the vivid colors!

I'm also terrible with shoes - I'm ridiculously picky about comfort and can't walk in heels for more than three steps without kicking them off!

Anonymous said...

your honey is a HONEY -- she's so funny. hehehe..

i hide clutter in drawers, too. :)

thanks for sharing your random 7, Rebecca -- it was a joy to read.

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