Bolig Magazine

25 Apr 2010

bolig magazine
bolig magazine
bolig magazine
bolig magazine

I think Bolig is my new favourite website. I can't understand a word of the Danish, but I can recognise a pretty room when I see one :) It's all about white walls and fresh colour. From what I've seen so far, there's nothing I dislike. When I have the time, I plan to revist the website to absorb more.

*Images: Bolig Magazine


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

definitely beautiful, thanks for sharing Rebecca, off to check it out!

Anonymous said...

The green kitchen is gorgeous! I love everything about it!

xo, UnravelledThreads

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Kelley Anne said...

I can't wait to visit the site. I love all of the spaces, especially the kitchens and the living room with the huge clock.

Christina said...

I love the photo of the kitchen with the kitty. My friend's cat is having kittens and really want one!

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