Cube Pods

26 Apr 2010

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How could I not post about this, the moment I saw it?! It's an office that has been divided by CUBES..! How ingenious is that?! This project really does excite me, and I think it's because it kind of sounds like a student concept, but the project has been lifted off the paper by Hungarian architects Benedek and Lakos and realised in such a beautiful way. I love the tension of the boxes within the existing building (a former textile factory) and the way this has been played up with the use of dramatic LEDs to make some cubes appear to float. Apparently the space transforms into a nightclub in the evenings -- talk about getting value for money with this space! It's never empty!

*All images from tervhivatal. Found via Dezeen.


Erica Cook said...

Very cool! Love the versatility of these. xo Erica

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea. I love the hanging cube desks. Sweet find!

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Kate said...

LOVE that suspended cube!

the real mia said...

Oooh I just love that desk that hangs from the ceiling.

Punctuation Mark said...

Very very cool... it's so clean and modern... have a nice week!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

really interesting!!

Jen said...

oh my gosh, so interesting! see, this is why i love my fellow bloggers... i learn so much!!!

Piper said...

wow, really interesting (so much better than the grey cube i sit in all day!!) I love that they transform it into a nightclub at night :)

Unknown said...

That is so weird. But I really LOVE it! Way better than those ugly partitions you usually see in offices. Right?!

Mallory said...

Oh this is cubic-ly amazing! The hanging desk would have to be my favorite part.

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