Little things

6 Sept 2010

6 Sept

Over the last few weeks, my life has been filled with miniature staircases and trees, as I've been finishing my final project.

6 Sept

It was exhausting; I've never worked so hard in my life. I couldn't have done it without the support of my family. One little person found it a bit boring and did all she could to get my attention.

6 Sept

Now college is (mostly) over I can relax and take things easy (for a little while)...

6 Sept

I enjoyed the last few days of sunshine before the rain arrived.

6 Sept

It's so nice to finally have the time to do things like picking damsons (although I wasn't much help and decided to take photos instead...)

6 Sept


Lulu and her whimsical ways! said...

awhh such a cute post, and what a find - a heart shaped damson! x

muchlove said...

lovely photos, and of course I love the last one :)
Have a great week!

dear olive said...

Your photos are beautiful. Love that tree you've made. I don't actually know what a damson is though - perhaps it's an english thing (me being australian) xx

Celeste said...

hahaha i love the last photo! so crazy :)

PhotoPuddle said...

I am strangely fascinated by that little staircase.

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