Film memories

7 Sept 2010

agfa film

I finally had a film developed that had been in my Agfa since July. It always amazes me how it captures details, like the sun reflecting on the lake above. It has come out just how I remember it.

agfa film

I took a few photos of the side wall of Tate Britain that overlooks my college, whilst waiting around for a tutorial. The craters in the stone are traces of bomb damage during the war.

agfa film

Cherry picking..

agfa film

Daisies in my granny's garden, standing tall and proud, holding so much hope for the coming summer months.


anne said...

lovely shots! film is the best!
hope you are doing well :D

PhotoPuddle said...

The sparkle in the water in that first photo is amazing.

dear olive said...

I just love your photographs! So simple, so beautiful. Kellie xx

one sydney road said...

That first photo can out perfect - the light sparkling is just beautiful. What fun to get these developed!

Nicola said...

These photos are beautiful. :)

A.n.E said...

I love analogue photography ~ the snaps captured just exude so much more energy and emotion!

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