16 Oct 2012

There are some new photos of the scarves on my website. I've had a lot of fun photographing these scarves in different ways, and I think these are my favourite shots so far!

Indigo Gradient

14 Oct 2012

Last week I dyed a series of six neckerchiefs using a new technique to achieve a soft, painterly gradient of blues. The scarves were dyed in several dye baths of increasing concentrations to produce the depth of colour. It's always quite nerve-wracking to unfold and rinse the scarves... but quite thrilling at the same time!


22 Sept 2012

These are some of the behind-the-scenes snaps of my naturally dyed textiles that I've been sharing on Facebook and Twitter recently. Follow me for more sneak peeks! Also check out my shop for photos of the finished items.

I've been busy building up stock... Each scarf is unique with slightly different markings and tones of colour. I love to seeing them all lined up together.

As seen in Oh Comely magazine!

16 Sept 2012

I'm very excited to reveal that my 'leaf' bamboo scarf is featured in the current issue of Oh Comely magazine! If you pick up a copy of issue 12, you'll have the opportunity to enter a competition to win the scarf photographed!

Oh Comely is my favourite magazine, and describes itself as "a magazine that makes people smile, full of quiet moments and stories." It's different to anything I've read before and very lovely. It can be found in WHSmiths in the UK as well as many independent shops across the country.

Behind the Scenes 2

6 Sept 2012

A few more behind the scenes sneak peeks (gosh, try saying that out loud - not easy!). I've been busy dyeing scarves, sewing bags and assembling tags, amongst other things.

Why don't you join me on my facebook page or see what I'm twittering about? I've been sharing some fascinating facts about plant dyes! You don't want to miss it ;) Also you might like to pop over to The Clothes Maiden to see their feature on my naturally dyed textiles!

Behind the scenes

3 Sept 2012

I've been very busy working on my naturally dyed textiles over the past few weeks. Above is a peek at the implements I use to stir my dye pots and I'm now intrigued to try and colour some wooden beads!

Take a look at my other blog which give some behind the scenes glimpses of my textiles. I'm also on Facebook and Twitter and regularly update with sneak peeks and news. I'm excited to reveal that my leaf scarf will appear in the September issue of my favourite magazine. I will reveal everything once I've received my copy in the post later in the month!

The doors are open!

29 Jul 2012

I'm thrilled to say that the shop is now open! Do pop over and let me know what you think! These beautiful photos were taken by Vera Stevens on Friday, and there are many more over on my website.

I've started a new blog to document inspiration and developments in my line of textiles, so please do join me for the journey!

* Images by Vera Stevens

Coming Soon!

19 Jul 2012


Introducing... Rebecca Desnos: Naturally Dyed Textiles

This is a project I've been working on over the past few months. Things were interrupted by moving home and now we've settled in nicely, everything can move forward! The shop is up and I've loaded products in anticipation of the launch. There are just a few things I need to work on first. It's so exciting to make my dreams a reality :) Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!


1 May 2012

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I made a couple of fold over clutches. For the purple one, I used some handloom organic/fairtrade cotton fabric I already had and interlined with canvas to add structure. The blue clutch is made from bamboo fabric I dyed with indigo at the beginning of the year. The zips are nice and chunky, adding weight to keep the fronts down when folded over. I've never had a clutch before and now I have two! I think my favourite bits are the contrasting linings. I know what I'll be giving as presents this year :)


24 Apr 2012




A glimpse of what I've been working on lately using natural dyes. I wish I could look at everything with fresh eyes.. I've spent too long scrutinising these scarves and now I don't know if I love them or hate them :)

Lunches lately

18 Apr 2012

Roasted butternut squash, watercress & sunflower seeds.

Couscous, radish, apple, cashews, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, watercress & vinaigrette.

Crispy crackers, homous, avocado, mango chutney & pinenuts.

Crispy crackers, homous, tomatoes, pinenuts & wasabi peas.

Dream Spring Wardrobe

20 Mar 2012


1. Komodo Lola Dress (Hemp & Organic Cotton, Fair Trade)
2. Komodo Bali Hai Canvas Pumps (Fair Trade)
3. Seasalt Cornwall Sketch Tee (Organic Cotton)
4. Bibico Roses & Dots Wrap Dress (Fair Trade)

Some of my favourite "ethical" pieces this Spring. Over the last year or so, I've tried to stay away from the main High Street chains and buy from more ethically conscious places. This means I can't buy as much since prices are higher, but this forces me to consider each item of clothing I buy. There are such pretty things available this Spring, that I'm not even tempted by any of those other places anymore.

Mother's Day Scarf

19 Mar 2012

Photobucket Photobucket

I made a scarf for my mum for Mother's Day. I'm still experimenting with natural dyes but I'm becoming happier with the results. I'm planning to make a small collection of scarves to sell. It's exciting!


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Our quick trip to Margate included a stay at the best B&B ever, a trip to Turner Contemporary and a wander around Ramsgate harbour.

Natural dyes... the latest

9 Mar 2012

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

These are the results from some recent dyeing experiments. I'm testing out different dye concentrations and processes. There are infinite possibilities with natural dyes... it's exciting!

A stainless steel spoon would have been more sensible as I could clean it each time to use with different colours, but I quite like my collection of pretty wooden spatulas.

Bamboo dress

19 Feb 2012


I drafted the pattern for this dress to my measurements and sewed it up in some soft bamboo fabric. I dyed the fabric using logwood extract in a low concentration to get this light colour. Natural dyeing produces such pretty results with real depth, since there are slight variations in how the dye has taken across the fabric with some slightly lighter and darker areas. I think I'll wear this dress lots in the Spring!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


9 Feb 2012


...a bit of card making...


...spending time with my favourite girl...



Simple & tasty meals... quinoa, chestnuts, red onion, runner beans, soy sauce.

Indigo Dyeing

28 Jan 2012


For a long time I've been curious to try natural dyeing and I finally did this week. The process was so enjoyable and the results unexpected and exciting. I used organic cotton voile for the first two scarves, bamboo silk for the third and woven bamboo for the last (which drapes so well and perfect for summer dresses, I think). The bamboo silk fabric (which is 100% bamboo and suitable for vegans) took the dye the best and produced such a beautiful deep colour. The fabric has a lustre and feels so lovely against the skin.

I'm now busy dreaming up plans to do more...

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