Dream Spring Wardrobe

20 Mar 2012


1. Komodo Lola Dress (Hemp & Organic Cotton, Fair Trade)
2. Komodo Bali Hai Canvas Pumps (Fair Trade)
3. Seasalt Cornwall Sketch Tee (Organic Cotton)
4. Bibico Roses & Dots Wrap Dress (Fair Trade)

Some of my favourite "ethical" pieces this Spring. Over the last year or so, I've tried to stay away from the main High Street chains and buy from more ethically conscious places. This means I can't buy as much since prices are higher, but this forces me to consider each item of clothing I buy. There are such pretty things available this Spring, that I'm not even tempted by any of those other places anymore.

Mother's Day Scarf

19 Mar 2012

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I made a scarf for my mum for Mother's Day. I'm still experimenting with natural dyes but I'm becoming happier with the results. I'm planning to make a small collection of scarves to sell. It's exciting!


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Our quick trip to Margate included a stay at the best B&B ever, a trip to Turner Contemporary and a wander around Ramsgate harbour.

Natural dyes... the latest

9 Mar 2012

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These are the results from some recent dyeing experiments. I'm testing out different dye concentrations and processes. There are infinite possibilities with natural dyes... it's exciting!

A stainless steel spoon would have been more sensible as I could clean it each time to use with different colours, but I quite like my collection of pretty wooden spatulas.