1950s architectural sketches

11 Dec 2009

Here are some more pages from the July 1951 edition of the Architectural Review that I got my hands on this week. I think the drawings and collages communicate the ideas in the article really clearly. I adore hand drawings like these, and my favourite is the last picture with the lamp posts drawn on. I think I'll try out this kind of technique myself!

Don't you think the drawings are delightful?!


Little Monarch said...

yes! very delightful!
The little man with the brolly is my fave. he is so sweet.

anne said...

super cool! my fave is last one also. i like "slopes what not to do" i don't know why, but it made me giggle :)

Ruby Hoppen said...

I love 50s architechture done properly.
I recently went an hour out of montreal on a bus trip and was amazed at the little cottages and grand houses that came out of that era, so simple and majestic.

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