Follow the sound of water

30 Dec 2009

My university project is about enticement and invitation and I'm particularly interested in how spaces lure you in and make you want to explore further. As a way into the project I filmed my journey around Kelsey Park in Beckenham. In these large landscaped gardens, water is used in many forms: streams with stepping stones, bridges over waterfalls, small ponds and lakes. As I walked around I felt as though I was on a trail following the sound of water. If I was more daring and took a route that others hadn't noticed, I was rewarded by a secret glimpse across a lake. But above all, the reward for exploring is having fun!

This was my first attempt at recording a video on my new camera so it's a bit shaky and generally quite raw. I think I'll use the same concept and try to make another video that looks a bit more polished, on a day when the sky is clearer! When I was filming it I didn't know exactly what I was trying to show, but when I started putting the clips together I realised that it was about a water trail. It was a useful initial experiment.


Winnie said...

Oh your video makes me want to go for a long walk in the park with a dog that I er...don't have.

Actually I'm from Birmingham! I just spend a lot of my days out and about in're lucky that you live there already, I hope to in a few years when I save enough money. Or perhaps I will just permanently crash at my friends pad? Haha.

Stephanie Sabbe said...

very cool. Video camera is next on my wish list. Your school curriculum sounds very cool. I am still pondering my grad school idea.

I played that video for my husband. We both thought it was very cool. I think it would pass code here. Do you think codes are more stringent there? Some in the states are a bit extreme. There is a group that goes around filing law suits for ramps that are 1/8" off. As a designer, it's very annoying.

Have you figured out how to email someone from their comment? I cannot figure that out. Thus, the very long comment:)

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