New Year, New Diary

31 Dec 2009

I'm really tempted to buy one of these Paperchase diaries. I particularly like the first one, but I don't know if I'd use a whole page per day. It would look so pretty on my desk.. is that enough of a reason to buy it?

I saw these beautiful pages on Reading my tea leaves this week. Pages in a diary have been pasted with tickets and mementos, so it's a cross between a scrapbook and a diary. I honestly think I might try something like this in 2010. I'd planned to make a scrapbook of my wedding (three years ago) but sadly never got round to sticking everything in a book. But I'm sure I'd manage to stick little bits into a diary. It might also be a nice idea to include one special photo per week/month. And then I'd have a reason to buy that lovely grey triangle covered diary :)

Happy New Year!


Winnie said...

I tried to do this before but it only seems to work when I'm away on holiday! Such a pretty idea though!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I like the calendar idea too. I am bad a keeping a journal. I have one, but I probably only average 4 entries a month.

anne said...

i just bought a moleskine journal for sketches, thoughts and drawings from my children. i'm so excited to fill it up with fun stuff this year. hope you have a lovely new years eve! talk to ya next year :D

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

nice idea! Might have to follow it :)
Have a lovely New Year Eve and all the Best for 2010! xx

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