Etsy favourite: Restless Things

25 Jan 2010

[Images: Restless Things. Found via: Loafing Odysseys]

I adore these paintings by Olivia Jeffries. I love the contrast of the sharp geometric forms against the soft texture of the aged paper, and how the original text on the page is incorporated into the composition.

This is how Olivia describes her work on her Etsy profile:

"My creative process is continually influenced by my fascination for used paper; I enthuse about working on a surface that has already been given a sense of purpose in a previous incarnation. Letters, books or journals for example are detached from their original role and are combined with imagery drawn from unexpected perceptions of beauty. Drawing and the use of line is intrinsic to my exploration of the barely tangible traces of life."


Anonymous said...

i agree completely -- these are wonderful. my favorite is the painting on the vintage postcards

St├ęphanie said...

Wonderful !

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I love browsing through Etsy to look for unique treasures. I always start there looking for something in particular and ten minutes later I'm totally virtually lost but completely entranced by what I'm looking at - whatever it is!

Kelley Anne said...

Her description of her work is so poetic. I love the mix of an appreciation of the old...the spirit of what it has experienced carried with it...with the sharp lines and almost mathematical precision.

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