The Fun Theory

9 Jan 2010

I love the idea of making ordinary things fun -- what better way to encourage people to recycle?! Perhaps this particular example would be too costly to roll out on a large scale, but I'm sure more designs could incorporate an element of fun :)

If you liked this, check out The Fun Theory for more videos and competition entries.


anne said...

that was cool! i'm gonna check out the link :)

Christina said...


Stephanie Sabbe said...

very cool.

so you have family in my area! if you ever travel to the fine state of Massachusetts you need to let us know!!

Anonymous said...

a great incentive, especially for children!

emma wallace said...

Oh! I posted this a little while ago - I so love the idea of making necessary steps fun! It's so encouraging about life in general when I see things like this.

Thank you so for posting this!

Heather said...

so cute what a good idea!

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