Dream Dining Room

7 Feb 2010

[Image source: Living etc]

I love the bold colours in this space and the way the paintings are casually propped up against the wall. It's so relaxed yet elegant!

PS. Some sweet person nominated me on the Lovelies. If you happen to be over there, feel free to leave a message to vote for me - or vote for whoever you'd like, of course! ;)


Kelley Anne said...

These colors are beautiful and it all feels so fresh, but cheerful and elegant at the same time. I'll pop over to the Lovelies now.

Dirty Hair Halo said...

i love how simple and neat this kitchen looks. mine always looks like a bomb went off in it. ce la vie.


emma wallace said...

I love this! So open and colorful.


Anonymous said...

i like seeing paintings just propped up against walls, too.

i like these chairs a lot.

Cara Kuhl said...

love love love this! casual, classy, modern yet classic ~

Stephanie Sabbe said...

i found a couple of these chairs in a thrift store in nashville for $45/chair. I wish I would have bought all of them.

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