Miss Print

18 Feb 2010

[Miss Print, found via Elle Decoration - March 2010 issue]

These stunning wallpapers and wall vinyls are handprinted by Rebecca and Yvonne Drury in their East London studio. I would love to find an special place to incorporate one of these fun patterns into my home. Their website is a feast for the eyes, and also offers cushions, lampshades and vintage furniture.


Flory said...

first and last for me...not too busy, perfect for accent walls=)

Kelley Anne said...

I love the blue and red floral one. We always talk about what we will do when we own our own home. I think I'd like to paper one wall in something like that and then paint the other walls one of the shades in the paper.

Kate said...

I love these - we have original wallpaper in our house (see here http://www.flufflefritz.com/2009/07/look-what-i-found_25.html and here http://www.flufflefritz.com/2009/10/cooper-and-mckenzie.html) and at first people are shocked at how much wallpaper we have, but it' really starting to grow on me... we plan to add new wallpaper, but some of it I wouldn't mind keeping as it is SO retro!

I like the 2 blue ones here.

anne said...

the first one is adorable! love the chair in the photo as well.
hope all is well with you! :D

emma wallace said...

How fun! I definitely have to visit the site. I was going to list my favorite but then realized, as I looked again, that I loved them all.


Le said...

wow I love these ... too cool for school and just liveable .. you find the best things !! le

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