8 Mar 2010

[Photos by me!]

I went to the Brighton Centre to see Ronan Keating on Saturday evening. I could have booked tickets for the Royal Albert Hall, but I prefer smaller venues as there's more of a chance that I might meet him. (My mum said I'm too old for this lark...) I didn't get to meet Ronan, but I TOUCHED HIS ARM! He was shaking people's hands as he walked along the first row, and I was 8 rows back so I RAN to the front and squeezed past security and managed to touch him. For the record, his arm was very soft. I spent a lot of the time running backwards and forwards between my seat and the front, while my husband lovingly recorded the concert for me. When I look at the photos I can't quite believe how close I was to Ronan!!

It was an incredible show. His voice is *beautiful*. It was emotional as Ronan performed In This Life which was the song he sang at fellow Boyzone bandmate Stephen Gately's funeral last year... He performed a lot of his more recent songs, then threw in some old favourites towards the end. I really wanted it to last forever. I was expecting him to disappear in a puff of smoke or through a trap door (the way Boyzone concerts end) but he did a very civilised encore and bowed with all the musicians.

I must sound slightly hysterical. I admit it, I'm obsessed (and have been for the last 13 years...)


Shannon of HAPPINESS IS said...

I've never heard of him - I'm gonna check him out! :) xo

Rhianne said...

I love him! We were second row for Boyzone last year and he waved right at me! I nearly died :)

So sad about Stephen though...

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