10 May 2010

hildagrahnat's apartment

I'm in love with this girl's apartment. The black window frames perfectly balance out the whiteness.

Yesterday I had a bit of a whinge about our flat. We've been trying to sell it for a number of months, but to be honest, property just isn't selling at the moment so we're going to be here a while. It's a very unsettling experience; I've already emotionally detached myself from our home and the space just isn't working for us. I dream of changing everything around a creating a new office area in our second bedroom, but it just doesn't make sense to do it at the moment. So my kind and understanding husband spent Sunday evening moving the furniture around in our bedroom and we've made room for a desk under the window. It's the sunniest spot in the flat and looks onto trees. We're going to get a simple white tabletop from Ikea and two drawer units and slot it into the gap. I'm so excited about having a nest of my own to do my work - it will make such a difference. Now we just need to work out how we're going to pick up the furniture from Ikea... :)

*Images: Hildagrahnat's Flickr stream


Flory said...

i love the color of woods. you're right, the windows made the area more dramatic!

Anonymous said...

Very cool looking. Sorry you're not having any luck selling your place. :(

Melanie@Unravelled Threads

one sydney road said...

sorry to hear you're not having any luck...but it's just this market right now. it'll turn around!! i'm loving the settees in this apartment...too fun :)!

Christina said...

I love wood floors and BRIGHT windows (:

Anonymous said...

i'm in love with the apartment, too. love the wide open space and all that light.

hang in there -- best of luck with the sale of your flat.

anne said...

that's too bad about your flat :(
i imagine it must be frustrating, but moving furniture around always helps :D

Cara Kuhl said...

a desk overlooking trees sounds wonderful ~ reminds me of my childhood room ~ the optimist in me says enjoy what you can of your flat :)

Le said...

Rebecca I have some new Alexandra Angle up at the third - I think you'll like them :)

how goes the desk space -c an't wait to see le

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