Ferm Living

7 May 2010

ferm living
ferm living

Beautiful accessories for the home with a spot of humour.

I'm typing this (on my new laptop! - it's faster than the PC!) whilst watching the live news on the election, and it's just this minute been declared a hung parliament. No party can win the overall majority of votes. I wonder if they will call another election. I'd never even heard of the term 'hung parliament' before; I didn't realise things could get so complicated. It's quite a worry. I can't help but wonder how stressed the leader of each party must be feeling. Waiting to see if you're the Prime Minister must the job interview from hell.

*Image credits: Ferm Living. Found via A Merry Mishap.


Anonymous said...

ferm is a recent obsession. love these images!

xo Alison

Alex said...

How quirky is that barcode? So witty!

Anonymous said...

Love the barcode! How cool is that!

Chickything said...

I love the window!

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