Parade Project

24 May 2010

parade project chelsea college may 2010

This past week I've been involved in a project out on the Parade Ground at my college. The aim was to construct a series of shelters/seating areas out of 4,320 milk crates. We had plans to work from, but we found that we had to change things as we got further into the project. The original aim was to build 15 crates high but this proved to be unstable. The crates were attached to each other with plastic cable ties, and we found that if we retightened each tie it gave the structure much more stability. My hands were cut and legs bruised. It was really tough work, but felt really good to be physically building something.

On Saturday there were a series of workshops/discussion groups and on Sunday there was a Market of Ideas with lots of different kinds of stalls. Those of us from the MA Interior Design ran a cake stall to raise money for the end of year show - we made £183! It was a shame that there weren't any art/craft stalls (it is an art college after all), but that didn't seem to be the aim... It was fun to see the structure in use, and to look at how people inhabited the space. For me, the highlight was to see a pigeon nestled in one of the top crates :)


︻┻┳═δΈ€ said...

what a wonderful idea! i love projects like this :)

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! That's so cool :)

Melanie@Unravelled Threads

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