Birthday week photos

7 Jun 2010

saatchi gallery richard wilson 20 50 - 1

On my birthday, I travelled into London with my mum to visit the Saatchi Gallery. Surprisingly, neither of us had visited before. Richard Wilson's 20:50 installation was, by far, the best exhibit. It was truly breathtaking. The room appears to have a polished floor, perfectly reflecting the ceiling, but it is in fact flooded in oil. It was such a disorientating experience, and if you couldn't smell the oil, then I don't think you'd believe it!

beckenham place park abandoned stable block

A couple of days later, we visited a local park that I can't believe I hadn't been to before! The photo above is of the abandoned stable block which I desperately wanted to explore. My mum remembers the building being used as a nature centre for children about 25 years ago.

beckenham place park field

The weather was beautiful so I went back to the park with my husband on Saturday. We ended up walking for miles and finally ended up in a field. It was lovely to sit on the grass and breathe fresh air. Over the years I've become much more of a country person. This park is certainly not countryside, as it's only 8 miles out of London, but it is very peaceful. I'm just not that keen on the stress of the city anymore.

beckenham place park

PS. Something really strange is happening with photos on Blogger. These photos just wouldn't upload from Photobucket, and when I tried with Flickr, the colours were too saturated. I used the Flickr photo editing tool to tone the colours a bit, but they still look a tad strange. Has anyone else had this experience?


Anna Grostina said...

Nice blog!

Lauren said...

I've always wanted to go to the Saatchi Gallery. Your photos are lovely...and happy birthday!!!

Kate said...

beautiful shots Rebecca (I like the saturated colours) :) and happy birthday!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like a lovely time. I love the last two photos.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of you in the field. How pretty!


hannah, heart city said...

so pretty! happy birthday :-)

one sydney road said...

Happy birthday!! Love that picture of the field, so pretty. Sounds like you had a great time :)

emma wallace said...

Happy, happy birthday! What beautiful, spring photos! I love the one with the feet.

I've not had any issues with photos and blogger... I usually upload everything to Photobucket and then paste the code.

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