Blouse Refashion

1 Jul 2010

blouse before and after

Last week I found a blouse in the prettiest fabric. It was too big but I could see it had potential. At first I tried to turn it into a loose-fitting sleeveless blouse like the one I made a few weeks ago, but it didn't hang right and was too puffy in the front. So I left it for a few days and had a rethink, and I decided to make it into a strappy camisole. It was definitely the right decision for the type of fabric and I really needed another non-jersey summer top -- about 90% of my wardrobe is jersey - need to break the addiction!

turquoise blouse front and back

The fabric has the prettiest texture with raised polka dots and embroidery around the scalloped hem. This little girl thought I made it for her to sunbathe on...

close up of fabric


rachie's place said...

what an incredible makeover...i love this!

m.fay said...

love the color on this top!

happy to find your blog. hope you stop by mine and say hello.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully done. lol@helpful kitty paws :)

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Stephanie Sabbe said...

kitty like it! This looks great! you are becoming a very talented sewer!

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

I love it!! I am a die hard thrifter myself and nothing makes me happier than to refashion a garment.

Well done...come visit anytime
Janet xox

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