Finally, some shoes!

8 Jul 2010

Terra Plana Vegan

Since I stopped wearing leather 8 years ago, my shoes have been such an embarrassment. It's just been impossible to find decent vegan shoes. I've worn a combination of Crocs (very comfortable but not that pretty) and cheap high street shoes (a bit prettier but terribly uncomfortable).

This misery is now over!!!

Terra Plana make eco-friendly shoes, but until recently, they used recycled leather. It's great the leather is environmentally friendly, but it's still not that friendly to the animals. Well, now they have a vegan range! I came across the shoes this morning and promptly ordered a pair of the black sandals above (from Amazon UK as they were £7 cheaper).

I'm so looking forward to receiving them as I desperately need a pair of tidy sandals. There are certain occasions where flip flops aren't appropriate. (My flip flops are pretty though!). These look so comfortable and the sole is lined with memory foam! These will be my first pair of proper shoes that I've bought myself as an adult. My mum will be so proud.

I have such high hopes for these sandals that I really want to buy the other two styles. I must control myself! Finding these shoes has been such a breakthrough in the vegan shoe situation, that I feel they will change my life... (perhaps that statement is slightly OTT). Now I have to wait until they arrive... *sigh*


Christina said...

I like their collection of pumps. CUTE!

Little Monarch said...

oh i am so happy for you! terra plana make some amazing shoes.

Kaleido Mind said...

i wouldn't even think those are vegan...congrats on the find!

one sydney road said...

wow, wouldn't even know they were vegan - they're really cool! have you tried stella mcartney for shoes - not sure if she does vegan shoes though. said...

these are perfect

Amanda said...

woohoo! those are beautiful! I too have an incredibly difficult time finding comfortable/stylish vegan shoes (I think a google search on vegan shoes is what originally led me to your blog :). And like you, I also wear a pair of flat black crocs and own many pairs of cheap shoes that make my feet hurt! Do let us know if they are comfortable when your new shoes come in!

As a former classical ballet dancer my feet are a mess - chronic plantar fasciitis along with some pre-arthritis means I'm often walking around in a tattered pair of dansko clogs I bought before I went vegan. While not the most attractive shoe ever they are amazingly comfortable when I need to be on my feet for a few hours (like when I volunteer at the animal shelter!). I recently found they'll be releasing a vegan version in late July ( and I fully plan on getting a least a few pairs! I reccomend those shoes to everyone I know.

Eat, Sleep, Denim said...

That is very great, and lot of shoes may seem leather but are fake, so check them out, you don't need to rule them out :)
Eat, Sleep, Denim <3

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