Colour fun

21 Oct 2010


I've had this jacket for a few years but have never worn it as pale cream just doesn't suit my complexion. It's a fine cotton/silk fabric with a layer of wadding sandwiched in the middle. It only cost £5 from TK Maxx but the brand is Dagmar which I understand is a Swedish brand and I always felt it was too good to give away. The label states dry clean only, but I decided to be brave and hand dye it.


I'm so pleased with the results! The colour I used was Rosewood Red by Dylon and I stirred it in the dye bath for about 20 minutes, then rinsed it thoroughly and allowed it to drip dry.


I wore it on Monday, but the temperatures have since dropped so I won't be able to get away with such a lightweight jacket until the spring! It will work under a winter coat though, as it's feather-light.


Since the original colour was cream, the resulting colour is quite pinky and warm toned. (I once made the mistake of dying a cream top grey, and it ended up greenish!)


When I took the jacket out of the dye bath, I threw in this jumper from Uniqlo. It was originally light grey with bright blue stripes, but the colour just didn't do anything for me. But I love it now and I've worn it twice! It's a mysterious pink-but-almost-brown. I'm so happy I have two new items to wear but I didn't pay a penny :)


monica said...

you have amazing taste in clothes!!! if only i didn't have a big pregnant belly...i would love to wear some of these things...


Poke Salad Annie said...

well done! makes me wanna whip up a dye bath myself :D

Nicola said...

wow, these two items look brilliant! :)

Moonofsilver said...

wow they look great. Love the color, and your necklace!

Amanda said...

Lordy, your hair is so pretty and shiny! May I ask what shampoo/conditioner you use? It seems like my hair feels a lot more dry (no shine!) since going vegan 2 years ago and switching all my products:/

Amanda said...

thank you for the response! I had tried aveda's products for color-treated hair but I didn't like the scent and didn't see a huge difference. But I will try the rosemary mint! That sounds lovely.

Le said...

I am a complete fan of the home dye - I have dyed lots over the years - including my wedding dress - your jacket and the top look fab - best le

Anonymous said...

It turned out great! I love the colour, it suits you perfectly. You are adorable by the way! xo

Nicky said...

Such a clever lady, you are!!! :D

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