8 Oct 2010


I've added lots of images to my tumblr over the past few days. I'd quite happily move into any of these places.

Since finishing uni I've been productive and sorted through every cupboard and drawer. I have two boxes of clothes to list on eBay, and several bags of odds and ends to take to the charity shop. For once, I feel organised; it's such a relief to know everything is in order. The next thing I need to do is touch up some paint work, paint a couple of doors, and possibly paint the insides of the wardrobes. I've written a list of things we still need to buy for the flat (new dining table and chairs from Ikea, a couple of lamps, chest of drawers), and things we can make ourselves (bookcase, shelves). It's terrible having time at home as it makes me want to change everything around!


Stephanie Sabbe said...

love all of your collages. Enjoy your down time! sounds like you are way more productive than I would be.

Little Monarch said...

oh to have my own place to decorate. I live at home and Im not even allowed to hang anything on the walls :(

Anonymous said...

I spent all day yesterday cleaning. Nothing better than getting organized!

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