Snowed in

2 Dec 2010







Eight inches of snow and the transport network collapses.. so we've been snowed in for a couple of days which has been quite fun!

I made my Christmas cards yesterday. I folded sheets of cotton-fibre paper (that I bought a couple of years ago and never used) and cut out stocking shapes. Then I put fabric behind the openings and stitched around the edges with white thread to hold the sandwich of layers together.

We've also put up our tree, and I made a skirt for the base which Honey thinks I made especially for her to lounge on.


Rhianne said...

I love your cards. Isn't the snow crazy? We had about 5 inches yesterday morning and everythings still recovering from that!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

adorable. Look how cute Honey is! Love the cards!

the real mia said...

Totally adorable.

painted fish studio said...

loooove your cards!

St├ęphanie said...

Just adorable !

Rebecca said...

Your cards are adorable and so is Honey! Being snowed in sounds fun. :) We've just had the lightest dusting of snow where I am - I can't wait until more of it starts to stick around! Of course, I'm sure I'll immediately start wishing for Spring, but it's exciting at first!

MB said...

Wow, your Christmas cards are beautiful! Hope you're enjoying the festive season:)

A said...

wow! snow! Someday...I would just love to have a white christmas, and your cat is gorgeous :)

Hermine said...

Oh, your cat look so sweet.

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