Beaded triangle pendant

4 Jan 2011




I came up with the idea of making this pendant when the beads formed a triangle shape in their little plastic bag. Using invisible thread, I sewed the beads in stripes to a scrap of blue chambray. Then I folded in the sides of the fabric, inserted a plastic triangle I cut from a sheet of plastic to add structure, added a backing layer of fabric and sewed up the edges to form a triangle. I attached a loop of ribbon on the back for a chain to slide through.

I like it, but I wasn't too happy with the slightly wonky shape.. Next time I'll make a crisp triangle shape first by sewing up the sides and turning inside out, before attaching the beads.


Moonofsilver said...

hey thats really neat and crisp! =)

Veronica said...

reminds of beados. And I love it, especially the colours.

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